About Us (Me)

One day a friend told me I could change my life by changing my energy. She asked me to read a book about chakras and asked for my address to send "a care package."  Honestly, not really sure I believed her, I purchased and read the book. My care package contained a pink opal,(which is in my pocket as I type this) a lepedolite, a yellow jasper, a prehnite, and a carnelian.  I began carrying crystals/stones/rocks and applying what I was reading, regularly, and every day, I noticed little changes in the way I felt about everything and everyone, but most of all me. I was afraid of everything, had extreme anxiety, was afraid to drive, developed a severe fear of bridges, and for whatever reason I worried about everything and everyone. The more I learned (remembered) about energy, chakras, metaphysical healing, crystals etc, the more I craved.  I stopped being afraid, started driving again, and stopped worrying so much.  Then, I decided to try meditation, on a biomat. (a heated bed made with amethyst crystals) This was a guided meditation.  I heard the phrase "Think about the one thing you need to let go" I immediately thought, alcohol, then heard "Now open your mouth and blow it out." My life changed dramatically that day.  I went home and opened a beer as I often did and took a sip and immediately put it down and said out loud "I don't want that" I tried to drink one more time after that, we were having company and over the years I convinced myself that I could not possibly have a good time without a drink. I drank two beers and felt so awful and low and I haven't drank since. Instead, I started tumbling rocks, became a certified crystal healer, and decided I wanted to offer a new way to everyone. My entire life has changed dramatically in wonderful ways because I changed my energy, and found my harmony.